Be part of the change

We seek initiatives that can help revolutionize the world we live in

We support the growth of innovative startups

We help entrepreneurs and founders realize and implement their business ideas


We work with various partners in the startup ecosystem to make our contribution to the growth of Italian companies


We perform scouting and pre-assessment activities in order to propose the startups we analyze to other potential funders


We not only invest independently, but also co-invest with various private investors and funds

Know who we are

About us

Avvio Capital is a company founded by 6 bright young workers specialized in consulting and finance in leading Italian and international companies, who have always been passionate about the world of startups and innovation

This passion drove us to create an investment vehicle to contribute directly to the development of innovative realities that can revolutionize the industry in which they operate, through our background that allows us to have a comprehensive and high-level point of view. Avvio Capital is defined by its respect for the entrepreneur and the process of creating the company-we understand what it means to be in the founder’s shoes.

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Team members have known each other for several years and have worked together on many projects

Now more than ever we need to invest in the future

Our country's growth comes through the development of innovative companies.


What we are looking for

We invest in teams with experience, execution skills, and soft skills that present innovative business models and products in a high-growth market

We are looking for startups with disruptive characteristics and high potential, projects that can not only be successful but are capable of becoming one of the leading players in the market in which they operate.

The target audience is focused on startups throughout Italy that can leverage this feature to emerge internationally

Sector e Size

How we work

We invest in Early Stage, Pre-seed, and Seed startups.

We take a sector-agnostic and hands-off approach but provide the startups we invest in with a broad network of experts, consisting of professionals such as journalists and techies but also other investors of to foster the startups that come into the portfolio.

We have developed an evaluation model, based on a proprietary algorithm, that analyzes both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the startups we examine

Business Partners

Some of the partners with whom we regularly collaborate